Popcorn Hour A-100 Firmware Update

Am 17. April 2008 von Paddy veröffentlicht

Heute wurde ein Firmware-Update für den Mediaplayer Popcorn Hour A-100 released. In erster Linie handelt es sich dabei um Bugfixes.

Bisher bin ich mit dem Poppi sehr zufrieden und kann mir schon fast kein Leben ohne mehr vorstellen. Im Vergleich zum Apple-TV erhält man hier für viel weniger Geld einen ganzen Haufen mehr Funktionen. Wenn Ihr einen Allesfresser-Allespieler-Streming-Client sucht, dann schaut auch den Popcorn Hour mal an.

Hier die Release Notes:

1. Requires NMT apps 00-15-080320-14-POP-402
2. Fixed AC3 audio muted when output through HDMI during DVD playback.
– Known issue: DTS output still unable to recover.
3. Fixed video PID switch on TS clip not consistent.
4. Russian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Hungarian language added./td>
5. Fixed EU language error page not in UTF-8
6. Fixed HTTP user-agent TV Res field become 1920×1080 when output is 1080i and 1080p
7. Reenables hardware JPEG decode and rotation for slideshow
– Known issue: rotation only for JPEG < 2048×2048
8. SayaTV will reconnect after disconnection
9. Fixed unresponsive IR during Internet streaming (SayaTV etc).
10. Fixed UPnP server detection issue (reported by beta-tester)
11. Swedish translation fix
12. Filter out HTML tags in SRT subtitles
13. Network share fixes:
– NFS client, TCP/UDP protocol selection support added. („nfs://“ = udp, „nfs-tcp://“ = tcp)
– Network share links all cleared after restoring factory settings
14. Minor fix on Media Source page HTML compliance
15. UPnP stability fixes, with misc changes to the filtering browser to handle exception case
16. Fixed segmentation fault that cause DVD autoplay broken
17. Reduce HDMI handshake when in browser and remove DVI mode
18. Browser fixes:
– added ‚[‚ ‚]‘ and ‚$‘ to RC key ‚1‘
– „#xxx“ anchor in link couldn’t work on URL with filename (eg:xx.xx.com/xx.htm)
– solved bug where browser crash when image or onfocussrc URL contains ‚#‘
19. Discrete RC key code
– 0xF1 (Shutdown), 0xF2 (Standby), 0xF3 (Resume from Standby), 0xF4 (Reboot)
20. BitTorrent fixes:
– Fixed „corrupted characters in Torrent manager/webservices page“
– BT bandwidth scheduler added
21. SMB/NFS:
– SMB server now password protected. (user=nmt, password=[unified system password])
– Set SMB/NFS servers‘ UID and GID (nmt)
22. Fixed aspect ratio issues with HDMI 720P 50Hz, HDMI 1080i 50Hz
23. Fixed aspect ratio issues (Eg: 1440×1080 with 16:9, tested on MPEG2TS)
24. Modified and improved info display in video playback
25. Added more subtitle languages and Hebrew (Right-to-Left rendering) SRT subtitle support
26. Indicate subtitle language info for MKV
27. Fixed various subtitle issues:
– Fixed dirty rendering of subtitle
– Subtitle track switching bug in MKV.
– external subtitle file, if exists, takes precedence over embedded subtitle stream
– Fix subtitle lost after seek in MKV
– subtitle settings (color, font-size etc) are saved in volatile RAM, i.e. persistent per session
28. Fixed audio stream consistency in repeated playback
29. Fixed slideshow oom-killer (insuficient memory) issue with big files
30. TV mode changes
– added new TV mode – HDMI_1080i59
– added TV mode frequency toggle (50Hz/60Hz), press „TV Mode“ followed by „Caps/Num“ to toggle
– Convert VESA_1920x1200 to HDMI 1080p when in auto-TV mode and play DVD/ISO
31. Fixed ocassional NMT apps start/stop failure issue
32. Set TV output default to auto in production mode and normal mode
33. UPnP
– Fix for erroneous Content Not Found message
– Removed redundant CD command during GOTO operations
– Added MKV to MR protocolinfo list
– URL special character escaping
– Fix increased CPU usage issue
34. Added BitTorrent scheduler UI
35. Fixed after playback m1v/m2v/m4v, no longer able to play other video files
36. Fixed after playback *.pcm audio, video no longer plays.
37. Fixed some wrong info displayed in info bar
38. Fixed m1v, m2v and certain avi incorrect aspect ratio
39. Fixed incorrect/corrupted elapsed time while starting asf/wmv file
40. Fixed HDMI audio loss when playback from RadioBox
41. moved fonts file out of /share folder
42. Fixed OSD message dirty rendering in TimeSeek and Subtitle Time
43. Fixed broken Flickr Photos
44. Fixed continuous refresh at Media Source page, if SMB/NFS drive not found for auto-login
45. Fixed occasional Content Not Found error message when browsing servers
46. HDD automatic spindown after 5 minute
47. BT monitor moved out of HDD to prevent accesses to HDD.
48. Fixed MPEG1 audio wrongly described as MP1, MPEG2 audio as MP2
49. Fixed photo unable to rotate issue
50. Fixed 1st photo cannot display from Flickr
51. Fixed „Request cannot be processed“ and afterwards freeze issue.

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  • Lazlo Erfurt schrieb am 02.05.2008

    Ich finde den Popcorn Hour auch klasse. Ein Nachteil ist, dass man die Aspect Ratio, ich meine das Seitenverhältniss nicht nach belieben ändern kann, und dass die Aspect, die z.B. im MKV Container hinterlegt ist, nicht ausgelesen wird, und der Film in in der „physischen“ Aspect Ratio wiedergegeben wird. Oder weiss jemand was Anderes?